Out of all the sophists the one that got most my attention is Gorgias. Sophists were wise teachers even though some actually did not teach. Gorgias however thought of himslef as the teacher of rhetoric. His writings were actually influential and he influenced later philosophers such as Plato. He is most famous for his speeches which are included here and also touched some base in metaphysics. In “Praise of Helen” he talks how logos can actually be very influential. He talks of how logos can be so convincing and that logos can be a powerful master and remove grief and instill joy. However not if persuaded with false logos, then it can instill fear and other misfortunes. This however, caught my attention because if Gorgias is a sophist and is able to persuade people by using logos and speeches, then he is one of the greatest sophists. He is able to convince anyone he wants to convince by using the power of speech and logos together. He is able to teach others the powers of logos that can influence society in a strong way, whether it be positive or negative. Logos is even able to persuade the soul of someone. Logos has the same effect on the soul that drugs have on the human body. It is able to change how we think. However, drugs expel humor from the body, while logos can actually do something good for the human soul; although if it is false logos than it can actually act as drugs on the body. If someone does something wrong under the power of logos then the person should not be blamed.