I really enjoyed reading about Democritus since he has been mentioned so much in science classes I have taken over the years as the father of atomic theory. It really surprised me to read that Leucippus is actually the “founding theorist of atomism” because I had never heard his name mentioned before when learning about atomic theory. It’s crazy to think that these men came up with the basic atomic principles that we continue to learn today when they lived so long ago and had such limited technology to stuck atoms back then. They came up with the principle that atoms cannot be cut, split, or actually divided. However, the most interesting principle to read about was the principle of the void. They said that the void is the space where atoms are not and are about to move into. It separates atoms so they can move close to each other and not mix. The whole mixing and separating aspect of their ideas is fascinating. The notion that “the worlds come to be when atoms fall into the void and are entangled with one another” sounded different than presocratics in the way that the atomists used scientific backing to explain their ideas, not just belief and sense. So far, I understand the views of the atomists the best.