One reading that I found to be particularly intriguing was “Anaxagoras of Clazomenae”. Although most of the reading talked about his background, while reading I noticed that there were something’s about him that reminded me about the other figures we’ve learned about in this class thus far. His beliefs are very straight forward and very broad, similar to those we’ve recently learned, like from Anaximenes.

Early in the reading, there was a certain section that particularly stood out to me. It says, “Anaxagoras envisions an original state of the cosmos in which, as he says, ‘All things were together'”(101). Obviously, this statement is pretty vague, and shows no signs of explanation or detail, but isn’t that the way most of the theories we’ve learned about are? All in all, Anaxagoras seems to have a rhetoric persona in the mind of his theories. Something that confused me, also on page 101, was the term “Nous”. I think that it translates to the word mind, but I’m not entirely sure. 

Overall, the reason that this passage stood out to me is because it leaves room for questions even when the reading was complete. It was one of the shorter readings, and the information within it, like I mentioned earlier, to me was pretty vague. I prefer to talk about vague concepts over specific ones because I feel that it leaves room for different interpretations.