The passage that interested me was Hippias’ thoughts on the making and repealing of laws, and how they remain powerful even though they are constantly evolving and changing.

In the small excerpt, Hippias believes that even though laws are supposed to control people by asserting power and restrictions, it is impossible to think of them as “a serious matter or believe in them…”  because the lawmakers are constantly repealing them and replacing them with new ones.

I though that this passage was interesting because though it was written thousands and thousands or years ago, his thoughts on justice are still very much alive and relevant in todays society.  He brings up a valid point: if laws are supposed to assert power and be take seriously then why are they constantly altered or changed.  If laws were so serious then why can a lawmaker change them at will?  What makes them powerful if anyone can become a lawmaker and change them?  How can one believe in a law that will be changed eventually?