A particular passage that interested me within this assigned reading was the part where Gorgias explains the topic of On What Is Not or On Nature.  This passage was both confusing and interesting as Gorgias described what the what-is and the what-is-not are.

The passage begins with Gorgias concluding that “nothing is if something is, either what-is is or what-is-not, or both what-is and what-is-not are.”  He then states that it is completely absurd if something is something and not something at the same time.  Gorgias then describes how the what-is is either generated or eternal, or both at the same time, but also states that it is neither eternal or generated, or both as well and proceeds to explain how.  He states how if the what-is is eternal then it must not have a beginning, but everything that comes from something and into existence must have a beginning.

This passage caught my attention as it was very intriguing to see how a philosopher would describe how something came to be and whether or not it is eternal.  The passage was confusing as well though as the descriptions became very confusing as Gorgias delved deeper into the subject of the what-is and the what-is-not due to all of the detail.