While Reading about Parmenides of Elea, It really stood out to me that Parmenides stressed the genuine understanding of things rather than relying on beliefs based on sense of it. In a way, one can really apply this to their own life as I did after contemplating about my studies especially. In that, I learn more when I understand a subject at hand rather than having a sense of it.

Upon reading about the exchange between Zeno and Socrates, I was really confused about this reading; however, from what I took out of it was that all we know about Zeno was in Plato’s dialogue Parmenides. Now that being said, it could be that Zeno’s ideas could be more pro-Plato or that Plato could have made him to be that way. From my understanding of the texts, Zenos arguments about motion, instead, made it difficult to apply quantitative reasoning towards physical bodies and reasoning.

Lastly, I read about Anaxagoras of Clazomenae. The reading was very understandable compared to the readings about Parmenides and Zeno in that it provided a lot more background information about Anaxagoras than Zeno or Parmenides. Anaxagoras brings into light the basic elements of things are all interconnected in some way but each play a role in that mass of ”ingredients.”