Last night I attended One Question, a film screening and panel about people who have disabilities. The panel was comprised of people who had disabilities. What was so inspiring was that all of them have jobs, two of them are married, and all are self-advocates who are fairly happy with their lives. Hearing their stories and details of their lives just about brought tears to my eyes. Their optimism, perseverance, and abilities to find joy in the smallest things inspired me. Before anyone on the panel spoke, a short film was shown. It featured people who lived with disabilities being asked one question: ‘What would you change about yourself?’ Many men and women in the video responded with, “Nothing. I like myself the way I am.” Hearing that come from those with disabilities that make their lives much more difficult than the average person struck me. These are wonderful individuals who are content with their lives and find happiness despite having the odds stacked against them. I think that’s so beautiful and it definitely inspired me to be more grateful for what I have.