I thought this reading was the most interesting that we’ve been assigned so far. It presented ideas that seemed very random and foreign to me. It was fun to read because some of the ideas sounded pretty out there.

First of all, Thales thought that everything is a form of water. Then Anaximander “rejected the idea that water is the basic stuff; in its place he posited a single reality that he called the boundless…something with no specific characteristics, out of which arise the other ingredients of the cosmos.” Next, Anaximenes claimed that air was the foundation of everything.

I think while these ideas seem juvenile to us now, with our advanced knowledge and science, it’s really cool that these thinkers came up with these ideas. I don’t find it surprising that the Milesians had a framework for arguing and exercised critical thinking. I imagine that most people have since people have existed. Also, I found it interesting that like Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle, this part of the reading presented three thinkers who rejected each other’s ideas and came up with their own understandings of the world.