I think that the Presocratic Reader is the most interesting book that we have been assigned thus far. Not only is it much more easy to comprehend, but it has a lot of philosophical values within its confines that make it a much more enjoyable read.

When the text states that the physical sign of logos is fire because it is always the same yet always changing, I couldn’t help but contemplate the complexities of that statement. There was something about it that truly peeked my interest. I believe what this statement means is that logos, or an explanation, is always the same in its form and purpose. However, the content and delivery of the explanation can always change and be completely different than that of another. Fire acts in the same manner. Although he flame is always changing form, every fire is still made of the same components. This statement stuck out to me because it seems like such an easy correlation to make between the two phenomena, but it is something I never even thought of. It’s validity in reason makes it a very interesting idea to evaluate.

The ideas that Thales conveys within his assertions are all very insightful. Each one allows you to look at an aspect of life in a different way. Drawing parallels between logos and fire is a comparison I would have never thought to make before. I believe that thinking in this manner can lead to various intellectual epiphanies.