Someone who caught my attention in the reading was Anaximander. He was a Greek philosopher and a follower of Thales. He achieves many things during his time on earth. Anaximander was the first to construct a world map and predict an earthquake. But what caught my attention the most was the concept of “apeiron” (which means infinite) and what Anaximander meant by that.

The reading mention “the apeiron was the arkhe and element of things that are…” “The arkhe is neither water non any element…” (Arkhe means originating point or first principle.) What this passage means is that the infinitive was the first principle of everything that exist. In other words we were originated from the infinite rather than from a particular of water. Anaximander also mentions that the heavens and the worlds in them come to be in the nature process of apeiron. What I understand here is that the heavens and the worlds inside the heavens are arkhe.

When I was reading this passage for the first time I really couldn’t understand it. It took me a while to internalize the words and the definitions. But that didn’t stop me for trying to understand those words and what he meant with the infinite and the first principle. Now I really want to understand this in a different way. I want to keep learning more from Anaximander and what other things he archives.