For the most part the reading was very easy to comprehend and understand than the previous readings we were assigned. The reading that most appealed to me was in the form of Thales’ claim that everything is from water. Aristotle’s comments that he thinks that Thales’ claim was based off of observation and reasoning. Being a bio major, I can relate what I’ve learned to this claim and it seems to me that his claim has really set the basis for biological studies. Hesiod’s origin of the cosmos also relates to biological studies in the rules of thermodynamics when he mentions the presence of chaos (entropy or disorder) coming about. This might’ve been because I just took a bio exam earlier today; but, I can see how the basis of the studies of biology really came about. Although what their claims were seemed very simplistic it’s amazing how it grew to become more and more complex over the years upon further studies into what we have now. It didn’t, however, surprise me how Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle rejected each other’s theories. In the biological field, claims are often refuted and accepted and I found it very interesting how that same pattern resonates into the present day.