In the A Presocratics Reader‘s introduction, it says that these early Greek philosophers would not think that they are philosophers. The question came to mind was what really makes a philosopher a philosopher. Webster’s Dictionary defines philosophy as, “the study of ideas about knowledge, truth, the nature and the meaning of life.” If this is the definition of philosophy then why were these early philosophers studying all types of subjects?

Many of these early Greek philosophers did not just study philosophy but they also studied mathematics, astronomy, physics, and engineering. They have found reports on these philosophers. They wrote about many topics, ethics, religion, politics, meteorology, and many other things, not just about philosophy. Back in there time they wanted to learn everything about what makes us human and everything around them. The early philosophers studied anything they could to make sense of the world.

To me, anything could be put under the the category of philosophy. Philosophy has such a broad region of study that you are able to study almost anything. These early Greek Philosophers were studying pretty much everything because they wanted to find answers. They were solving questions that people had about the world. I believe that the study philosophy will always have unanswered questions that are waiting to be solved.