In the reading of A Presocratics Reader a passage that really stood out to me was the first part of the reading including sections by Thales, Anaximander, and Anaximenes.  The context of the passage consisted of each philosopher describing what each of them thought was the underlying principle of the world.  Thales concluded that the underlying principle was matter, Anaximander concluded that the underlying principle of the world was matter, while Anaximenes concluded the underlying principle of the world was air.  After each of them concludes what their thoughts are regarding the underlying principles they go into detail as to why they believe each principle was the main one regarding the universe.  These passages stood out to me, because it was interesting to see how philosophers from a long time ago thought the world was composed.  It was especially interesting to read how Thales concluded that the earth stood on top of the water instead of everything being a single piece.  It was then intriguing to read how the other philosophers after Thales, like Anaximander, concluded the world was all one piece and was formed from the motion of everything including the air movements, and how air when combined with condensation and rarefaction, created many of the substances around the world.