Informal Fallacies

Informal Fallacies is a label for a bag of bad argument types we often use on each other, knowingly it or unknowingly in a debate and disagreement. This reading give us a list of the different kinds of informal fallacies. But the two that call more my attention are the “false dilemma” and the “hasty Generalization” I found this two interesting because I am always making informal fallacies unknowingly .

I am going to start with “Hasty generalization”, This is when you make a general claim about some group. I think that this is something that we do day by day. At least I have to admit that I am always making generals arguments about places and my own experience. When I was analyzing this I felt a little bad about my self because I was making false comments of something just because one experience and I feel that even when I don’t know something that does not excuse me from being guilty. The second informal fallacy is the “false dilemma” also know as the false Dichotomy. This is when we assume that there are two alternatives and that if we reject one, we must embrace the other. This is something that we often use. But there’s a problem because let say that you are arguing with a person and each of you have a theory of something and you eliminated one and make the other true just because you didn’t have another assumption or theory. That wont be effective because we will not guarantee the true of the conclusion.

This is what I understand. I don’t know if I’m right but I am looking forward to understand these informal fallacies from a different perspective.