I found the reading of Introduction of the Terms of the Syllogism both confusing and interesting.  It was interesting to see how one could come about finding the conclusions that William Meyers states throughout this reading.  I found it confusing how the reading states how putting both p and q together in certain situations changes around the form of the conclusion as well.  It gets very confusing keeping track of each letter variable the readings use to represent each sentence fragment combined to make the ending conclusion.  I found it interesting how it is assumed that the minor premiss is placed in directly after the major premiss to from each conclusion with both the subject as well as the predicate.  It was also interesting to see the differences between the standard form, where it involves the categorical propositions of A, E, I, and O, and the standard order, where it involves the indication of the sequence a conclusion is put in with the major premiss first, the minor after, and then followed by the conclusion of the statement itself.  This really stood out to me in the entire passage as it really broke down each sequence in detail allowing to see how each is truly composed.