To me, Introduction to Logic was both the most interesting, yet challenging reading of the three. Initially, I felt I had a good grasp on what Councilman Meyer was saying, but as he went on, I started to become more and more confused.

Councilman Meyer’s concept of “p if q” was pretty easy to understand. The example used about the raven made a lot of sense to me, but I couldn’t get a grip on the other examples. What really confused me was his conclusion of “All decently dressed persons are persons with the right to graduate.” Other than that, everything was pretty straight forward. Reading about Standard form & Standard order reminded me of the venn diagrams from our last reading. What was new to this concept was major premiss and minor premiss. In addition to this, I feel like the triple venn diagram wasn’t very insightful regarding the material it presented.

All in all, I feel like most of what was presented in this reading was difficult to comprehend. I feel like most of the time I was trying to put what was said into simpler terms rather than actually trying to understand what was being said. The reason I chose to write about this reading over the others is because this is the one that had me thinking the most, but also the one that I felt made the most sense to me.