In the Introduction to Logic, shows us how to evaluate an argument from Councilman William Meyers. At first it kind of confused me on how they made sense but it made more sense to me after reading the whole article. Putting an argument into syllogistic terminology makes it more clear about what they are trying to say.

To analyze the argument there are three steps they used. First, they have to find the conclusion of the argument. The conclusion has the form “p if q.” The p and q stands for the statements of the argument. There are also a major and a minor term. The major term would be the predicate and the minor term is the subject. Second, they have to find the premises and put the syllogism into standard order and form. The standard form is using the categorical proposition form, A,E,I,O. The standard order is having the argument from major, minor, then conclusion. They use p for the major, m for the middle, and s for the minor. Third, they have to test the conclusion by using Venn Diagrams like the categorical proposition.

Using syllogistic terminology showed me how to organize a simple argument into parts. The terminology makes the argument more clearer to me than it did without the organization. This article also showed me another use of the categorical propositions.