There were numerous confusions that came about when reading the introduction to logic handout. I feel that after the reading I had a minor understanding as to what categorical propositions are but I am still failing to grasp the concept as a whole.

This reading was immensely difficult to understand in the fact that the wording of the sentences could make it very hard to follow the information that is behind them. Particularly, when the passage gets to distribution it becomes very hard to comprehend. To an extent I understand the four basic statements of categorical propositions. However, once quantity, quality, and distribution are brought up I find myself lost. Distribution is especially difficult to decipher because its definition states that it refers to “a term of a categorical proposition that is used with reference to every member of a class”. Not only can I not articulate the meaning of what this particular section is trying to say but I cannot see the difference between distribution and the meaning of inclusion and exclusion (Quality).

In my opinion the text seems to be very vague and assumes that the reader is one of expertise in philosophy that can understand the scholarly language of logic. Without further explanations of the information being given it will be hard to derive the true meanings of what the text is actually trying to say.