In Joseph Pieper’s Leisure: The Basis of Culture, Pieper actually takes a quote from Max Weber by saying that the common understanding regarding work today is that people do not work to live, but that people live to work. I found this section of the book quite interesting, as I disagree with it and want to counter these controversial statements.

Pieper makes this accusation and then immediately counters it with a statement asking whether or not people work in order to have leisure. In the world today, that statement has had the tables completely flipped on it. In a world where all everyone does is work, people working in order to have leisure may sound immoral, but can be discovered at the very beginning of the human society.

I would tend to disagree with the fact that people live to work. As important as it is to work and earn a living and make money, I think someone’s main mission in life is to be genuinely happy, regardless of how much they work. We should work to live yes, but also to obtain leisure and enjoyment so that we can live a nice, fulfilled life. Work should not be the main focus in life, but leisure should be what everyone wants to reach as a common goal.