In the essay In Praise of Idleness, Betrand Russel says “We think too much of production and too little of consumption. One result is that we attach too little importance to enjoyment and simple happiness…” This impacted me a lot because it has so much resemblance to what I have seen throughout my life. I think that he is right about how he thinks we’re really living our lives and doing our work.

First I want to split the sentences to understand them better. The first thing he mentions is the priority of a worker in this century that is first produced and then consumed. He wants us to think that production is not bad but there must be a balance between these two verbs. It will not be worth anything of what we do if we do not have a balance to enjoy and consume what we have created with hard work.

This is something that we see every day, sadly it has become a way of living. This is what our parents have taught us unconsciously. But we need to stop this way of living and working. We need to start thinking about our lives and also make things for our own sake.