In Praise of Idleness by Bertrand Russell, Russell writes about how we should start working less and become more idle with our time. When I first started reading this article it made no sense to me that idleness would ever be more helpful than working. After I finished reading the article it showed me how idling with our time can be just as useful as working.

Russel had an idea of a four hour work schedule for the average working class. He thinks that society would be able to have four hour work days and that there will be enough production for everyone with no one unemployed. All that it needs is a little bit of organization but the main problem about Russell’s idea that he sees is that your average working man or woman would not know what to do with the extra time they have to themselves. In the future he believes that people will find smart ways in using the time.

I thought about Russell’s idea about being idle and I agree with what he believes in. I would say most average workers work at least eight to nine hours a day. With Russell’s belief of idleness, workers could have much more free time to do as they please with. I see how most workers would not know what to do with this free time since they are so used to working so much. But once people get acquainted with this time I see how they could use it not just for doing nothing but in positive intellectual ways. I now see what Russell means by it is a necessity that people should have some time to themselves everyday to just idle around.