The passage that caught my attention throughout the reading is that “The soul of leisure, it can be said, lies in “celebration”. Celebration is the point at which the three elements of leisure come to focus: relaxation, effortlessness, and superiority of “active leisure” to all functions.” (65). He goes on to mention that leisure is only made possible if it is on the same basis as the celebration of a festival. He defines that basis as divine worship.

Pieper claims leisure and celebration are closely related in that when we are in leisure we are celebrating. We celebrate the fact that we are not working and have moved over to leisure. Thus, relaxation and effortlessness come into play. He claims that celebration is experiencing the world in a different aspect than every other day.

This caught my attention because Pieper writes to value your leisure time as if it is a celebration. I feel as though this is different in today’s society where many people take free time for granted. This brings in the argument of how well we use our free time or if we can actually misuse our free time. It could be implied that people who use their leisure time more wisely value their free time the most and act as though it is a celebration.