Pieper makes the claim on page 57 that the working man is totally consumed by the utilitarian process in which our needs are satisfied. Meaning the working man feels totally obligated to provide and work for the overall well being of the public. The working man strives to maintain the needs of the people. This passage enticed me because it made me think about myself and how I do my best to work for the betterment and well being of others.

Pieper entails that the working man is tied to the idea of usefulness and working toward a greater good. Not all people are like this, not everyone is concerned about the overall general need. But those that are invest their energy and time into all that will contribute to the process of the people. This working man is devoted to economic production.

The idea of the working man is portrayed negatively in the text but working for the greater good from my understanding is a positive element. So this passage not only made me reflect on my values but it confused me. The text proposes the question, am I putting to much effort into the greater good and not reaching my own full potential? It seems like a selfish thing to say but a true part of the topic of leisure is reaching ones full potential and not constantly devoting oneself to the daily economic processes of the world.