Initially, it was tough to understand what Bertrand Russell was saying in his essay, “In Praise of Idleness”. Through out my life, my parents always tell me how its good to have a job, whether you’re getting paid a lot or a little, to wake up everyday having to be somewhere is good for you. To me, it sounds a lot like Russell is promoting laziness in this reading. The way he talks about work makes it seem like he thinks work isn’t important, and isn’t necessary in order to live out a healthy life style. Obviously being raised the way I was raised, I strongly disagree with Russell. I think work is much more than getting paid to do something, but the act of doing something that you want to spend your time doing. Although it is tough to find a job now a days, there are so many different types of jobs that you shouldn’t have to do something you don’t like.

One thing that Russell talks about in this reading that really stuck out to me was his take on one’s finance so to speak. What Russell basically said is that people that are financially stable enough to live without working shouldn’t work because they are taking a job from someone who needs it more. This is clearly his opinion and it is a tough one to grasp. There are people in this world who work because they love what they do, and get paid to do it, and there are other people who hate what they do, but like what they get paid. In my opinion, regardless of my financial standpoint, I would feel obligated to work because I can’t imagine waking up every day with no set plan or no where to be. Although leisure time is good and all, I personally would feel unproductive if I were to live a lazy lifestyle in which I never had to work a real job.