In Josef Pieper’s, Leisure, Pieper brings up the idea of “art for art’s sake.” This statement does not just solely mean art but more so any particular activity one may participate in strictly for their enjoyment. Most people partake in activities where they make profit and do not waste time on their own hobbies. It is human nature to not take part in activities that give nothing back in return. That being said, leisure activities do not serve any purpose at a business standpoint but do serve purpose on ones well-being.

But in my opinion, I think this whole idea of “art for art’s sake” is very important. Leisure activities make you happy and feel a sense of accomplishment so in order to have a thriving economy people need to feel appreciated.

For example, in my free time I like to run. It gives me time to be by myself and think, especially when I am stressed and overwhelmed with classes. This is what makes me happy and it is vital for every human being to feel happy in their live in order to be successful. I think society as a whole is way to involved with work and over consumes themselves, therefore they never have a chance to do whatever their hobby or leisurely activity may be.